Cross Candle actually created to show several powerful conjure symbols;
1) the flaming cross or crucifix
2) the bible in the center
3) two arms and hands reaching out from the bible along the sides of the cross
4) 2 keys coming down from the bible.
White for cleansing , black for enhancing conjure work or protection, red for love, green for prosperity, brown for courtcases, orange for change and opportunity, pink for romance or relationships, and yellow for business growth.
The flaming cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus. The keys represent opening and closing, initiation, knowledge, mystery, and curiosity-1 to open a door and 1 to close another. The hands outstretched are the hands of God, comforting you, directing you and opening your paths. The bible in the center, obviously another symbol of Traditional Rootwork  Christian roots and the power, knowledge, answers, and wisdom of the holy book. These candles are the stongest you can get for ritual  work and truly encompass and master the energies you are working with.

All candles are prepared with Soywax to give best results. 

Cross Candle


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