Cut & Clear Oil is a popular traditional Hoodoo Oil. The primary  use for Cut & Clear Oil is  to help you in breaking ties with negative relationships and any emotional baggage that obstructs your path to progress. This blend is also especially great for helping you to let go of negative associations with former romantic partners.
It also helps to break ties with unwanted negative situations. 

How To Use It : Dab on your pulse points and between the eyebrows. Pour few drops in your bath water. 

Candle Magick : Get one black and one white candle.Get a piece of paper and draw to columns. On the left side, write down everything you wish to let go of in your current life. This can include your feelings, situations, behaviors or relationships. In the right hand column write down everything you want to pull into your current life. Take the black candle and anoint it with some Cut & Clear Oil starting at the center of the candle and pushing downwards toward the base of the candle. Get a lemon, a knife and some scissors. Light the candles and read Psalm 10 out loud. Take the lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze the lemon over the column that contains all the things you wish to rid yourself of. Take your scissors and cut the paper in half straight down the middle of your two columns. Now take the column of the things you wish to banish from your life and fold it in half, away from you. Place it under the black candle. Be careful with the candle while you do this. Next, take the column of the things you want to draw in and fold the paper towards. Place this under the white candle. Visualize yourself being free from your past. Leave the lemon out while the candles burn during this ritual. When the candle goes out, take all the remains of the black candle and your left column to a crossroads or to a running stream/river. Tale the right hand column and white candle remains and bury it in your backyard.

Cut & Clear


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