Domination oil another powerful Hoodoo blended oil intended to compel others to comply with your every demand or command. It is also a perfect mix to use for enhancing your personal charisma. Purportedly, it imparts the ability to influence the actions and thoughts of others. Domination Oil is commonly employed in almost all types of matters involving finances, employment, or romance. You should take note, however, that it is crucial to carefully consider the full totality of all circumstances before attempting to control anybody else. 

How To Use It : Take a brown or purple candle. Write exactly what you want on a piece of brown paper bag and include your target's with your own name written over top. Anoint the candle with some oil. Now here's the ticket. Get a white, purple or brown string and tie it around the candle and tie a knot. When you are ready, place the candle over your petition (make sure it's in a candle holder), light the candle and state your intention and visualize. Remember to be very clear.

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