Fiery Wall of Protection is used for building protective barriers. Thus, it is an excellent solution in situations of fear or intimidation. Besides being a great weapon for waging war on undesirable adverse energies, it has great prevention properties. Fiery Wall is also widely regarded as an effective formula to uncross malevolent or detrimental spells and hexes. 

How To Use It : Rub a little into your skin; wash down your doors or windows with it, or pour a few drops of Fiery Wall into your bath water. You may even dab a drop or two onto any object or possession of special importance or value to you.

Candle Magick : Use Fiery Wall of Protection to anoint a blue candle while reciting Psalm 141 and/or Psalm 90. This oil is also frequently associated with Michael the Archangel or Saint Michael. Buy a Seven-Day Candle located in a local grocery store ethnic product section or just use an ordinary black candle. In either case, use a little bit of Fiery Wall of Protection to anoint the candle. If you are seeking protection, keep the candle turned towards you. If you are attempting to dispel adverse energies, anoint the candle with oil pushing down the candle, Then, place it above your written petition. You may recite Psalms or make direct requests for St. Michael's intercession.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only.

Fiery Wall of Protection


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