Follow Me Boy might just be the perfect answer for women seeking to control  and dominate a particular man. As an old commanding Hoodoo oil, Follow Me Boy has been many ladies' preferred blend for attracting and ensuring the fidelity of men. I strongly urge any lady to stop for just a moment and give some serious thought to what they truly want, as this particular oil-based blend packs a powerful punch.

How To Use It : Follow Me Boy has many other practical applications. Anoint some of your man's unwashed underwear or socks with some Follow Me Boy, then bury the items in the yard. A lot of ladies just anoint any of their man's personal possessions while verbalizing their intentions aloud. Sprinkle a little bit in your bath water while visualizing you and your beloved in a beautiful committed relationship. 

Candle Magick : Follow Me Boy is a multi-use love potion that works quite well with pink or red candles. You can choose to work with a 7 day glass contained candle or a 5-6 inch pillar candle. Simply engrave your guy's name onto the votive candle alongside the words "Follow Me Boy," then use some of the oil to anoint the candle as you grasp the top of it and pull the oil towards you. Another technique is putting your petition on parchment and then folding it three times toward yourself, while turning it at a 90-degree angle with each fold. Then, simply place it beneath a 7-day candle.   If you do decide to use a seven-day candle, you must first make four holes into its top and pour a few drops of Follow Me Boy into each opening. Chopsticks tend to be the perfect tool for this. Small screw drives work equally well. Next, put the candle on top of your petition while allowing its flame to completely burn out on its own. Whichever method you use, it helps to recite Psalm 23 during this ritual. That Biblical passage has been the traditional recitation for conjuring/romance rituals. Song of Solomon is another great reading for love spells.

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Follow Me Boy


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