Get Job Oil is an oldest traditional rootwork that can aid you when you are searching for a job, desire a promotion or are simply wanting to start a new career. It is also known to help with any type of financial endeavor and can help boost income. If you worry about becoming unemployed, Get Job Oil may help you safeguard your job.

How To Use It : Dab a drop or two bank statements and business cards. Add few drops into your bath water, dab your pulse points and between the eyebrows. 

Candle Magick : Use it to anoint green (get better-paying job); yellow (job promotion); and/or, orange (get new job) candles. You may also carve your intentions and name into the wax with a pin or toothpick. Some people prefer to write their petitions down on a piece of parchment paper and place under the candle while it burns. 

All Products are Sold as Curios. 

Get Job


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