When it comes to folk magick, nothing is more powerful than working with High John the Conqueror. Our High John the Conqueror Soy Spell Candle can be used for a variety of intentions such as money drawing, good luck, power, success, passion, sexual arousal, love, games of chance, prosperity, legal matters, new opportunities and strength. Most importantly real high john conqueror root has been used for blending the oil used in making the candles. 

How to Use It : To perform a High John the Conqueror spell or ritual, write down your petition on a piece of parchment paper. Then fold the paper in half, folding the paper towards you. Then turn it 90 degrees and fold it in half again. Make sure it is well folded and get it as flat as you can. Then place your High John Candle on a plate. Place the plate directly over your petition. When ready, light it and say a prayer or you could read Psalm 23

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High John Conqueror Soy Tealights


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