Jinx Removing oil  is loaded with herbs and resins that are known to reverse spells, hexes, curses, crossed conditions and jinxes. Whether you have been affected by the Evil Eye, the target of malicious intentions or have simply been affected by bad energy, our oil can help reverse the effects, neutralize the energy and provide a protective shield between you and those who wish you harm. 

How To Use It : It can be worn, put on talismans, placed in a bath, added to floor wash, anointed on holy objects or simply placed in the heels of your shoes. .Dab on your pulse points and between the eyebrows. 

Candle Magick : If you would like to perform a reversal spell get a black candle and a small mirror. Carve the name of the person who caused you harm into the candle spelling it out backwards. In this case, when you anoint the candle with oil, point the tip of the candle in the direction of your enemy. Anoint the candle from the bottom of the candle to the top, making sure the candle is pointed away from you and is pointed at the person who caused you harm. Place the candle on top of the mirror. Light the candle and recite psalm 101.

All Products are Sold as Curios. 


Jinx Removing


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