Kundalini awakening oil for ritual use and meditation. Increase spiritual awareness, lucid dreaming, astral travel. It helps to keep all seven chakras open, clear and balanced, allowing you to fully connect to your spiritual path and your Higher Self. Once your chakras are open and clear, kundalini energy becomes awakened, raising your consciousness level and your feeling of connection with the All. The personal ego is supplanted by the Universal ego, the personal consciousness with the cosmic consciousness. You realize that you are in complete unity with the Divine. 


Chakras are energy vortexes in the etheric body whose job is to absorb and distribute Prana, the Life Force, to the etheric and physical bodies, and to link physical consciousness to higher dimensional consciousness. As Prana enters the chakras, they begin to spin. The more the chakras can assimilate Prana – the more open and unblocked they are – the faster the chakras spin, and the greater the access to higher consciousness. Anytime we repress or suppress our thoughts and feelings about particular experiences, the corresponding chakra can become blocked, impeding universal energy flow. This can lead to disease in the physical body. However, we can work with the chakras through meditation and with kundalini oils to unblock and balance them to allow the universal healing energy to flow so that we are whole and connected to the Divine and our Higher Self.



Safely use these anointing oils on your body- perfect for massage and meditation, candles, altar tools and more. Made with organic ingredients and a grapeseed oil base (apricot kernel oil can be substituted).


₹650.00 per 10 Milliliters
  • Sold as Curios.

    Persons with any health related problem should consult a qualified, licensed professional heath care provider for guidance

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