Rags to Riches Oil 
It's weird that we healer's who help others to make their life perfect forget to bring best out of our lives. Rags to Riches Oil has been specially blended for healers, tarot readers,and all the people who are into spiritual work. These oils brings wealth and prosperity in one's life which is going out by taking in clients negative energies...it's a must try for every healer who is reading this section. 

How To Use : Put a few drops in the tub, rub down your front door with some, anoint your favorite jewelry prior to wearing, rub some on your hands when meeting new people or handling important documents. 

Candle Magick : Take a golden candle and anoint the the candle pulling the oil up the candle towards it's top. During this whole process, you must be VISUALIZING! Reciting Psalm 4 or 23 also injects an element of power to quick money materializing rituals.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only. 

Rags To Riches


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