A staple at any healer's altar. Use these chime candles for any Wiccan or Pagan Spells / ritual. These mini colored candles will make a great addition to your wiccan supplies. Useful for magic spell casting.Candles are approximately 4 inches tall and 1 inches wide and made of Beewax Wax. 

Below is a simple chart explaining the basics of the spell candle colors we carry along with their day of the week association below that.

Black - Absorbing Negativity
Green - Wealth, fertility, prosperity
Blue - Success, Healing
Purple  – Success in legal matters
Lavender - Meditation
Pink - True Love, friendship
Red - Sexual potency, passion, love
Orange - Control, legal matters, attraction
Gray - Uncrossing, neutralize
White - Purity, truth, sincerity
Yellow - Creativity, confidence
Brown - Protection against Psychic Attack & Earth Magic

Ritual Chime Candles


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