Sleeping Beauty Oil is one of my favorite creations yet! It’s dual purpose- use it in your beauty spells and magick rituals AND as a facial treatment! The Beauty Oil is used to attract and create beauty. To make yourself more beautiful.

Open the bottle and inhale deeply over the top to breathe in the relaxing aroma. Apply it to the pressure or pulse points, such as the wrists and temples, before bed.

Indulge yourself in a complete relaxation ritual with a spiritual bath. To charge your bath with relaxing energy, add a few drops of Sleeping Beauty Oil. You may also infuse your bath with dried lavender, flowers or herbs of your choosing, and Epsom salt. Turn the lights down low and burn a few of your favorite candles. While in the bath, close your eyes and imagine your safe place. This could be one of your favorite memories or a place you’ve completely made up in your mind.


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Sleeping Beauty


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