When someone says you have “crossed conditions,” it just means that something is blocking you.  It might mean that someone is trying to put obstacles in your way…or it might mean you are doing it to yourself. 
Uncrossing unblocks and re-directs them back onto a positive path in life. In magic, a crossed condition is seen as a spiritual problem. The difference between a Hex and a Crossed Condition is that a Hex is a sudden or acute bombardment (or attack) while a Crossed Condition is something that goes unnoticed for years as a simple but more permanent problem. No matter what the root of the crossed condition might stem from, the results are always the same. Nothing in life seems to work out for the person that's Crossed..
Uncrossing Spell is one of the most powerful way to uncross all kinds of jinx, hexes or dark magic.

Uncross The Mind


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