Wealthy Man Oil has been used to draw in great wealth and financial success. It's the type of oil that can be used in a variety of rituals and spells pertaining to one's financial well-being.
This Oil is specially designed for men who are seeking more financial gains in business or any new start up. 

How to Use It : Every Morning rub your wallet with wealthy man oil for letting abundance and wealth flow into it. 

Candle Magick : Anoint a Green Candle with a bit of Wealthy Man Oil, pulling the oil up the candle towards the wick. Place it in an appropriate candle holder and stick it on top of some cash that you have also anointed with a bit of Wealthy Man Oil. Do this every Thursday evening as on ongoing ritual. Votive candle work great for this. You can even perform this ritual at your business during the morning hours. Just make sure you keep on eye on the candle.

Sold as curios. Not to be taken internally. 

Wealthy Man


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